Friday, 30 May 2014

Outfits of the past week.

You probably noticed I haven't blogged in a while, sorry sorry sorry. But the thing is... I have been very sick the past 2 weeks (nothing serious) and I couldn't get myself to blog or do my homework or anything else. I'm still a little sick but I'm getting better.

What I did do is make a sort of a look book of what I wore the past week. Spring just started and surprisingly it was actually sunny and warm for that week, so I decided to get all of my summer clothes ready and show you some!

(Excuse me for the poor focusing, I had to do it all on my own and I filmed it in the morning so I was too sleepy to even notice. I'll make sure I check it properly next time!)

I had a birthday party from my little cousin who turned 3! She was adorable, I didn't overdress of course because she's still very young. And I decided to go with this pants because I had a bruise on my leg which was hurting like crazy with my skinny jeans on. The top misses a button, that is because I've had it for years.

I love these pants with snake print, my mom got me these when she was in Dubai. It's like I don't even have pants on. I wore it with a simple black top because the pants are already enough colors. And a big owl necklace (who I broke the same day oops).

That skirt is one of my favorites because of the lovely color, I bought it last year in random shop. the top says "Stay Weird" upside down (you have no idea how many people asked me that) and is from the Brandy Melville.

The see through top was a present from my aunt and I love it, but if I saw it in a store I probably wouldn't even had tried it on. So I'm glad my aunt has such an extraordinary taste in clothes! I could finally put some jeans on too!

The pants were very blue and I never really know what to wear with them. I decided to got with this sleeveless blouse from the H&M, I like this blouse because it is longer in the back. very simple, but I like it

This friday was a big worldwide thing from OnePiece. OnePiece asked all customers around the world to wear their OnePiece to work or school and send them a picture with the hashtag #OnePiece2Work. And for every picture they donated money to FuckCancer. I thought this was a lovely idea and I couldn't be happier, I was very sick and walking around in my OnePiece made it less terrible. Even though I had some people looking weird at me, but I also got compliments!

What was your favorite outfit?

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My letter to Demi Lovato.

A friend of mine is meeting Demi Lovato soon, and as the good friend that she is she asked me to write a letter for Demi if I wanted to.

Demi is someone I look up to more then any other celebrity. She's helped through stuff, how stupid it may sound. She really did. And if I get the opportunity to thank her you won't have to ask me twice.

This will be a very personal letter, but I decided to share it for the entire world on my blog. why? because I know what it's like to feel all alone and I never really felt alone. I always could listen to Demi. And you're not alone either you'll find the one person you can always count on, or you'll find someone to look up, like I look up to Demi.

 So, lets poor down my heart on this piece of internet.

Dear Demi,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Imane. I'm 19 years old and I live in Amsterdam (the city you somehow always miss when you're touring, just saying *hint hint*). I'm one of those girls who you probably met a million of, one of those girls who will tell you meant the world to them. You were the one that helped me get through stuff. And of course every single one of those million girls has her story of how you changed her life.

So here's mine.

I've always loved you, since I discovered you through Camp Rock. You were the girl I wanted to be, you were living the dream, while you were a mess inside. And weirdly enough that's also how I lived.

When you got into rehab I was very proud and supportive, I knew you'd come out stronger then ever. And I couldn't wait for you to get out of rehab. And from the moment you got out of rehab and started talking about your problems I started loving you more and more, and I started talking too. And crying, a lot. I've stopped feeling stuff, and just got rid of all my emotions and I was finally feeling again and allowing myself to feel all those emotions. You are a woman I want my children to know about when I'm older. I'll tell them what you mean to me for sure.

I've had a good good friend named Drake who lived across the world in Miami, Drake was honestly my best friend, he knew how much I loved you. He always made little references to you while we were talking about random things. Drake played piano, and one morning he surprised me by playing for the love of a daughter for me. And that is what I always listened to for almost a year. Drake past away because of cancer over a year ago. When he passed away and Nightingale came out you had touched me like never before. I cried my eyes out while listening to the song, I know it means a lot to you too. You opened up so much to your fans and made yourself so vulnerable. And to me that song means the world too, it gave me rest. After crying everything out and trying to get over it mostly I understood the beauty of the song. And I understood why you were so open, to tell me and another million girls that it's okay to feel the things you feel and it's okay to talk about your feelings.

When I hear nightingale it now, it makes me smile.

I probably missed out a million other things I wanted to tell you, but when you get to write a letter to the one person you owe your life to you sort of forget everything that ever happened to you and you just sit there behind your computer thinking about what I want you to read.

You've been there for me when I felt like I've had no one to turn to, and you're also the one that always makes me happy. And on my happy moments I go crazy on your happy songs. You make my mood Demi Lovato. You made me dream, you made me believe, you made me happy.

Every morning I start my day with reading your book. It's the best way to start my day. It's like meditation.

You're the best thing that ever happened to me, thank you for being such a role model. And for being the awkward quirky amazing person you are.

I love you with all my heart,

some girl just like all the others. Who looks up to you. Who loves you. Who are proud of you.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What to do with my blog.

As you may have noticed I haven't posted anything in a while and that's because of a couple reasons.

  • school took up all of my time since I'm done blogging for school
  • I had to wait for feedback for my blog for journalism
  • I was a little bit clueless

So I got my feedback for my blog which was all right. I got an 8 out of a 10. But moving on to my blog I told in another blog post that I definitely wouldn't stop blogging of course. But I have to admit I might have thought about it this past week until my best friend told me to keep doing it. Don't get me wrong, I have some mad love for blogging and reading other blogs. It's a journey of learning a lot of different things, and I wouldn't want to miss it.

I want to change up some things, I'm considering a new blogging name. And from now on I won't be just blogging about positive things and personal experience's, I want to blog about Fashion and a little bit of lifestyle.

I'll tell you why.
At this very moment I'm still creating my own style, I wear whatever I think looks cute and we all have those outfits we look back on and think what the hell was I thinking when I thought that was cute. But that's what fashion is about, it's trying out, and that's what I'm planning to do with my style too. And I'd love to share it all on my blog. And the little part of lifestyle is simply because I secretly love decorating and sort of want to change up my room a bit and maybe just tell what I think is cute and everything else.

Looking back on my blog, when I was blogging for journalism is pretty funny. I like reading back my old posts. But here's when I need your help, what would you give my blog out of 10? And what do you think of my new idea's and changes for my blog? Good idea's or terrible ones? 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

My best friend Amber seems to really like my blog, which makes me very very happy! And a while ago she got nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, which she fully deserves. I love her blog just as much she loves mine (or maybe even more!).

So she nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award!

Super thankful for it! She's the best, I recommend her blog.

The rules:
1. Than and link the amazing person who nominated you.
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share 7 things/facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them, and provide a link to your post.
5. Optional: Proudly display the award logo anywhere on your blog, e.g. sidebar, and follow the person who nominated you.

The 7 facts about me:
1. I try to drink tea every morning, I drink coffee too sometimes. But I prefer tea.
2. Since I started going to the gym more often I also started eating more fruit and healthy stuff. It sort of happened without any reason, but I like it this way.
3. I am not an aggressive person, when I get really mad to the point someone else would start a fight I (sadly) start crying. I hate it, but I really can't help it. I wish I would just start a fight.
4. I keep my nail polishes in jars, because I think it looks pretty.
5. I sleep on my stomach with my face facing the wall. When I was younger I always thought someone was going to murder me as soon as I faced the wall, but now I have to face it otherwise I won't fall asleep.
6. It doesn't matter how much I miss someone, if that person doesn't think it's necessary to talk to me, I won't bother talking to that person either. I think this is a good and bad thing, because to some people I might be a shitty friend but when people don't want to hang out I get the hint easily.
7. I've never been in love, I sometimes wonder when I will fall in love for the first time. But at the moment I don't bother looking around for a boyfriend. I like the single life as it is.

Sadly ,I don't know enough blogs to nominate. So if you're reading this and you're blogging yourself I nominate you!

If you put it on your blog leave the link to it on my blog, I love reading 7 random facts of people!

Monday, 5 May 2014

My week with PTX and the Beautyglossparty.

Last week I've had a week off from school, and I've been looking forward to this week for too long! I've had so much fun things planned. So I decided to tell you about my favorite moments this past week, with (of course) a lot of pictures!

Starting off with Monday
I met up with one of my good friends called Tamara, we were shopping and getting presents for.... PENTATONIX. Which was the next day. So we shopped all day in Amsterdam and after we've had everything we went for some lunch and talked about some high school memories. It was so good catching up with her since we were going to PTX (which means Pentatonix of course) the next day. That night I got a mail that the VIP was all ready for us and I got more excited.

I was home alone, I cleaned all day. And had a quick trip to the city to buy a flowercrown because my gut told me I needed one for some reason..  During the day it was time to get ready for PTX, which I was super excited about I've been looking forward to this concert forever, and finally the time was here to go!

For the ones reading this and think who the F is Pentatonix? First off all you're missing out big time if you don't know about there existence, and Second have a look yourself.

Side note; Everything is Acapella, how badass is that?!

So the night we had to go to Paradiso and wait for our meet up with PTX, I met up with some lovely people and got my VIP card to get in after. 

Then we got to meet them and give them all presents and have a little chat which was lovely. I got to hug them all and they were all so happy with their presents which made me even more happy. After it they had to get ready for the show so we got to shop at the merch table! 

I bought myself the snapback and a grew tshirt. Then I changed and had a quick selfie in the bathroom with Tamara and then we had to go to the concert! 

Let me tell you one thing about Pentatonix, they're even better live. I didn't even know that was possible! 

I filmed some parts so feel free to watch it, I was front row. So it's gooooood! 

Feel free to check my youtube channel for some full video's ;) 

After the concert we got to hang out with them for a little while and got to take selfie's! They were honestly Flawless, I can't explain in words what this concert (and meeting them) meant to me. 

From left to right up is: Kevin & Avi.
From left to right down is: Kirstin, Mitch & Scott

After the concert I got home and was that tired that I fell asleep in my PTX tshirt, but I couldn;t be happier. Best night of my life, honestly.

I didn't do anything, I stayed home and face-timed with my dad who is in Saudi Arabia. Just a day to actually rest a little from the concert and I made a lot of friends who I spoke to about the concert that day, so that was a good day. 

I went to the Forever 21 early to see if I could shop a little but it was just too busy to look around and shop so I left it again. I walked around in the city for a while since the weather was lovely for once and then went back home.

I had to get up a little early because I went shopping (yeah again I know) with my best friend Amber who was staying for the night also which made me happy. So I picked her up at the station and we went shopping. She bought some fake eyelashes for the party we were going to attend and a small wallet and some shoes. I bought a small black bag to go with my dress for the party and a small wallet as well. After we had a long shopping day, we decided to go home and just got ready for Saterdaaaaaay.

We had a Dutch Beauty Party organized by a Dutch Beautyblogger Called Mascha. Her blog is called BeautyGloss, so we were attending the BeautyGlossParty 2014. It is a party she gives every year to her vieuwers/readers. I went to it for the past two years, so this year was my third year going together with my friend Roos, and we dragged Amber along with us this year! 

We attended the party just as four and a half thousand other girls.

all the pretty girls in line for the party.

Mascha greeting us as soon as you're inside.

we got inside and were ready to enjoy our day!

It was a six hour party so a little bit too long to explain it all but this were my favorite moments.

  • We met a couple bloggers I actually follow and had a lovely chat with all of them and they were so sweet.
  • One of the bloggers Diana still recognized me because I took pictures once of her when we were meeting Joe Sugg and Chai. She seemd happy to see me and even asked me if I will be attending the Dutch Youtube Gathering (which in fact I am, but a blogpost about that will follow).
  • I met both of the Miss' Netherland. One of them is Mascha's best friend, Tatjana, she still recognized me from last years BeautyGloss Party because I took a picture of her with Mascha and her other Best friend Awisa which she liked a lot and used on her instagram, And Mascha used it on her blog. 
  • I've made my own facial scrub in a Lush workshop.
  • This woman from the BodyShop did my eyeliner, which looked flawless. 
  • I got scouted as a model, twice for a model bootcamp thingy.
  • I got scouted once again for a face commercial or something like that, I don't even know.
  • We ate the cutest cupcakes.
  • I bought lots of cute things.
  • We got a goodybag.
  • I met Andy Samuels who I looked up to for ages, and also Thomas (Founder of OnePiece)
  • I got asked on stage by them for a OnePiece Contest and I actually won a OnePiece!!
  • I've had the best day with my friends! 
with miss netherland universe

this is the pretty cupcake with the Beautygloss logo on it

with the lovely Andy Samuels

this party was madness hahah

Andy and Thomas on stage right before I won my OnePiece

From left to right,
Awisa (Mascha's bestie,
Gregor (Mascha's Boyfriend) &
Tatjana Miss Netherland World (and also Mascha's other bestie). 

with the lovely Frances, Mylene & Diana

Another picture with Frances from Foodgloss

After the party we got home, got changed ate something and fell asleep really fast.

Was one hell of a lazy day, I did nothing all day together with Amber and we decided she had to stay one more night since we were having fun together.

Monday (today)
Today we got up in the morning, we watched some fails and cat video's on youtube (not even joking) and I brought Amber to the tram, in my OnePiece and PTX Snapback. I got the strangest looks from people which was pretty hilarious.

I think it look fabulous.

When I got home a had to clean, and after I finish this blogpost I'm going to take a hot shower, do my nails, and put on a relaxing mask since I start school tomorrow again (sigh). A little pamper night before back to reality.

I really don't want this all to end, I've had the best week! This was one hell of a long blogpost, I hope it was good! I loved looking back on this week while writing it made me all happy and stuff! 

What did you do last week?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Acting on another (youtube)movie set.

If you follow my blog for a longer time you probably already knew I acted in a short movie as I told in this blog post. And one of my first blog posts was about being on the set of the upcoming movie The Fault In Our Stars.

So get ready for my third story about being on a movie set, this one is pretty intense, as I may say myself.

So this time I helped for a YouTube series as you may have read in the title. It was for a Dutch YouTuber named Mert, He has a YouTube series called "Marokkaan geeft rijles" (which means Moroccan gives driving lessons) together with his good friend, and YouTuber colleague Dylan.

The series are about a very stereotypical Moroccan boy called Mo (played by Mert) who gives driving lessons to a lot of people including a very awkward stereotypical Dutch boy called Geertje(played by Dylan). Together They end up in the most weird and awkward situations.

From left to right; Dylan (aka Geertje), me, Mert (aka Mo).

The location that we filmed was a club named Chicago Social Club, which was located on Leidsesquare.

This club right here.

we got to read the script, which was hilarious. Can't tell you too much about it. I had to "Make out" with some strange guy (not really though, but I bet it looks very real). So you probably don't want to miss it. Not even joking!

I've had moments I was actually trying my best not to laugh on set, since we were acting. Or when I was looking along on the monitor and I was very pleased with what I saw. It is hilarious.

It was too much fun on set! I've learned a lot, and I've just laughed a lot. And the director was pretty amazing too. 

Dutchies, I'll definitely blog about the episode as soon as it airs. Which is probably next month already. It will be hilarious, and for all the people who don't speak Dutch, you can always turn on subtitles! Hopefully they will make sense.

I really like to thank Mert, Dylan and the entire crew for this experience. I'm so excited for the episode.

This is Mister Thi is also a youtuber, and so sweet! 

The oh so genius Mert.

And the oh so hilarious actor Dylan.

I've made a friend and had a lovely day, so look out soon for a blog post about the actual episode of Marokkaan geeft rijles.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Opening Forever 21 in Amsterdam.

As you may know, I live in Amsterdam. So the opening of the Forever 21 was something I couldn't miss. I planned to vlog it, but as smart as I am I forgot to charge my vlog camera (oops)! But no worries, I took some picture with my iPhone!

So the plan was to get there a little early so I could look around before everyone was in and started going crazy and look for cute stuff, buy it and leave. But of course that is not what happened.

This is what happened..
I arrived in the line around 7 am in the morning, the store opened at 10. 2 hours to wait, not so bad. At least that's what I hoped for. But Amsterdam never always has surprisingly weird weather, it was SO COLD. I'm not even joking, I was seriously shaking from all the cold, at some point I lost the feeling of my toes, and I was wearing boots by the way. At some point, some girl fainted because of the waiting in the cold and security got her out of the line to take care of her.

This was my place in the line.
There was a lot of security to keep the girls in line and make all the girls go to the end of the line and not get in between some girls that had been waiting for hours. Which honestly I was very happy about, other wise it would've been a mess. Since the first 500 people got a 21 euro's gift card I knew it wouldn't go without any problems

Behind me the line got longer and longer to some point I couldn't even see the end of the line. It was just girls until the horizon.

like this.
Like 30 minutes before the big opening the journalists came to interview girls in line, and we got all a cards we had to fill in and then it was time for the big opening. And we started moving.

To my right there were all the journalists filming and taking pictures of how these girl got all excited about getting in the shop.

These guys.
So I FINALLY got in the shop and received my 21 euro's gift card. 

which looked like this.
In the store a found some friends and decided to stay shopping with the girls, it was fun. I enjoyed myself and the store is huge, just like I expected. But because it was that big it took some time to get through the store, and I could see the lines inside the store getting longer and longer. 

After walking around in the store for 2 hours I decided to go with the small items I picked up and come back later for real clothes shopping. I took the escalator to get downstairs and the first thing I said was holy shit.

How was I supposed to find the line for the checkout..
I got down and took another picture of the store because it looked just as bad downstairs as it did upstairs.

I stood for a little longer then an hour in line to buy my things. While I was standing in line I felt how intense the morning was and started to get tired. I took some pictures and just waited..

While leaving we got a cute bottle of ice tea which was needed! I was so tired, I slept too early yesterday.

So have you visited the brand new Forever 21 in Amsterdam yet? If so what did you buy? And what are your favorite thing from forever 21, I saw the cutest white dress ever, definitely going back to fit the dress!